Ecostar Split Ac Inverter 1.5 Ton ES-18DU01WG SA+


– Uses R32 Refrigerant with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to R410a, enhancing environmental friendliness.
– R32 is more efficient and cost-effective to operate, reducing energy consumption and operational expenses.
– Features a Self-Cleaning Evaporator for improved hygiene and longevity of the unit.
– Labyrinth Design PCB prevents damage from dust, moisture, short circuits, and rain, ensuring reliability.
– Environmental Protection Coating (EPC) adds durability and protects against environmental factors.
– Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser enhance heat transfer efficiency and longevity of the components.
– 4D Airflow system with Strong Double Intake Air Door ensures uniform cooling/heating and improved air circulation.
– WIFI Ready and USB Connectivity offer convenience and advanced control options.
– Quick Cooling and Heating with a 65 Hz startup for rapid temperature adjustments.
– Precise AI Temperature Control with up to 0.1ºC accuracy and improved sensing for optimal comfort.
– Operates on a wide voltage range of 150-270V, suitable for areas with fluctuating power supply.
– Multi-Health Filters improve air quality by filtering pollutants and allergens.
– Self-Diagnosis feature detects low refrigerant levels, ensuring efficient performance.
– Superior Remote Control Design with a large LCD and IPX5 waterproof rating for durability.
– Energy-efficient standby mode consuming only 0.3W when not in use, reducing power consumption.117000


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