9149WB Chrome Hairline Black Double Door Refrigerator


Interior Features:

  • Type of Shelf: Wire shelves for durability and easy maintenance.
  • LED lighting on the ceiling of the freezer for enhanced visibility and energy efficiency.

Storage Capacity:

  • Total Shelves: 2 wire shelves for organizing groceries efficiently.
  • Refrigerator Door Pockets: 1 pocket for storing bottles or condiments.
  • Freezer Door Pockets: 2 pockets for convenient storage of smaller frozen items.
  • Ice Tray: Icebox with a generous capacity of 21 ice cubes for keeping beverages cold.
  • Egg Tray: Includes 1 egg tray for safe and organized egg storage.

Energy Information:

  • Climate Class: Suitable for Tropical (T) climates.
  • Voltage: 230V, compatible with standard electrical outlets.


Design & Outlook:

  • Vibrant pearl red color adds a bold and stylish statement to your kitchen decor.
  • Contemporary design with a sleek finish for a modern aesthetic.

Touch Display:

  • User-friendly touch display for convenient temperature adjustment and control.

Freezer Position:

  • Top-mounted freezer for easy access to frozen items.


  • Handle Material: Durable plastic.
  • Type of Handle: Hidden Handle for a seamless and minimalist look.

Door Lock:

  • Integrated door lock for added security and peace of mind.


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